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Emme Buckel Faller

Itterswiller's area

A famous place for gastronomy and tasty wines like "Fruehmess" vintage, established on the Bee Hill, among the wine covered slopes Itterswiller village will enchanting you. The view spreads out beyond the Rhine Valley, the endless wines slopes, Black Forest, even until the Swiss Alps Peaks by clear weather.

The Romans were the first settlers by growing wines. At these times, the place was called "Itineris Villa".

During the XXII century, the village was ruled from bishop of Strasbourg. When the XXX years war broke out, the village was looted and destroyed from the swedish troops.

Amid the village, an old church in half gothic style is throning watching out for peace. Old paintings dating from XVIII century are covering the walls.

Taking part in the flower competition, Itterswiller is regularly awarded with the highest rate due to the outstanding common efforts provided by the all the dwellers.

Discover the many remarkable sites troughout the surroundings (picturesque villages and cottages, old castles, wonderful landscapes and so on and so forth...) by walking, biking or driving.

The whole Alsace reveals so many amazing places to visit, activities to perform, rendering thus your stay enchanting and unforgettable.

Emme Buckel Faller